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Fasting with Kombucha Therapy Prive

Day 3 of spontaneously initiated experimental fasting on Kombucha Therapy Prive.

There is no special goal in terms of how long to starve - I want to do it the way it goes. With a buzz and without fanaticism. So far, only a solid buzz, although the body has not yet become thin, sonorous and transparent. Maybe I’ll starve for 4 days - until the first Shabbat, maybe 14, or maybe 21. If even the most difficult first days are given with such pleasure, why not extend it.

A very comfortable, completely imperceptible entry into fasting captivates and gives a lot of points to the wonderful Kombucha and Therapy on it: never sucked in the stomach from hunger, perfectly light head, purity of thoughts, pleasantness in mood. Just out of habit, I want to chew something.

PS. The temptation to use the retouching function in the phone was great, but I decided to be honest with myself and left myself the way I am today))) At the same time there will be a chance to see the "before" and "after" options.


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