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Several times during my stay in the networks I wanted to jump out of there, but each time my friends returned me: someone liked my dresses, someone liked my articles, someone in the morning motivated my thoughts about the Jewish Wisdom. In the last 2 years, the desire to leave the networks became irresistible and was finally determined when several of my articles were banned in a row and I have been warned about the complete closure of the account, if I didn’t line up. For medium-standard "about nothing" content, I got too acidic. I do not like to adjust.

I left ...

But it is not in vain that there are friends in our life, people who are close in spirit, not stingy with praise, thirsting for non-trivial communication on various, not only officially permitted, topics. These people began to write to me, asking me to return, assuring me that my articles were not enough. I myself did not have enough communication. And most importantly, I was tormented by the need to share thoughts and receive responses and other opinions.

I liked the subscription at the Telegram channel as a tool not only for communication, but also for the concentration of like-minded people. Only those who really need it will come. Let it be 10 people, but it will be my 10 people. And we will be able to motivate each other: I am writing in the channels, you are interested in the channel.

At the beginning of 2022 year I am opening 2 channels. One Life in Love with general positive content motivating for a joyful life that will be of interest to my friends and everyone who is on the same wavelength as me: natural physical and mental health, an alternative view of life defining things, acceptance of responsibility for everything that happens in life, Jewish Wisdoms and it comments, practices, delicious raw food recipes.

The second channel Super Girl in All Ages is a special one, mostly for girls and women, where every day we will move together towards a wonderful beautiful goal: always be in a good mood, look gorgeous, never get sick, be successful and super attractive.

I am sure that the time of subtle heavens, instant reactions and influences between people and the World, dependence on our positive thought-creation, is coming - TIME OF LOVE. And my main goal is to bring this process as close as possible and speed up, to involve as many people as possible in it.


- About "fashionable" diseases and pandemics

- About politics and politicians

- About classical medicine

- About the misfortunes of the World


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