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Boost yourself by the most delicious and healthy food you ever taste.

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Raw Food

What is it?

Dora Blank - founder of Live Swiss


It seems to me that the best way to start a new healthy life is not to start a new diet on Monday that you stop on Tuesday.


Just start slowly today )))


Complement your usual but not always healthy foods with new recipes made from raw, unprocessed organic products. These should be cooked at a temperature not higher than 42 ° C and they make the usual daily menu more useful, healthier and easier.

In my product line, I tried to solve all the tasks and problems, to take into account all the needs and desires that may arise on the way to a beautiful healthy life.

And the main idea of the brand is HEALTHY, BUT DELICIOUS.


Premium Raw Choco


  The perfect combination of the taste of premium chocolate and all the qualities of a raw food product containing all the vitamins and minerals that are found in raw cocoa beans, dried fruits and spices in their pure, untouched, original form, are unique.

  The sheer pleasure of the taste and composition of LiveChoco makes it one of the best and healthiest foods for the whole family.

  The pleasure that you get from eating this chocolate will surpass all your wildest expectations, even if you are not a big fan of chocolate and, in general, sweet. Not to mention the flow of energy and health that every living piece of LiveChoco carries

Premium Raw Oil


  This fantastic freshly squeezed oil does not undergo heat treatment more than 42 ° C , filtration, contact with metal or parts during the entire pressing process. In the classical form of pressing on metal presses, the oil heats up more than 100 degrees from high pressure and friction, oxidizes on contact with metal, filtration.

  The wooden oak press does not heat up and does not contain any metal parts.

  Thanks to the unique old technology of pressing, all the valuable substances of Premium Raw Oil are preserved in their original form.

  It is pressed from whole fresh nuts and seeds directly into glass bottles, which almost eliminates contact with air and oxidation.

  Premium Raw Oil has the strongest natural anti-bactericidal and anti-inflammatory properties.

  Can be used not only in cooking and cosmetics, but also as a means of preventing and treating many diseases.

  Has a unique, incomparable live taste. 

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Premium Raw Snack.jpg
Premium Raw Snack


Sweet or savory, a complete snack or a great addition to a raw, vegan or traditional main course.

Hand made from sprouted and activated seeds and nuts with max 42 ° C.

Gluten-free, nut-free snacks for people with different types of allergies

Can be used both by themselves and as a tasty, nutritious and healthy addition to salads, soups, hot dishes, sauces in the menu of traditional food

Contains the full maximum amount of vitamins and other useful substances of fresh raw products

Can be used in diets and baby food

Premium Raw Snack
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