Why Live Swiss Oil remains "alive"?

Aktualisiert: 23. Sept 2018

The idea of ​​creating a brand Live Oil of raw freshly squeezed "living" oil from nuts and seeds was born for years. Being a raw foodmaker with more then 6 years of experience and at the same time a passionate cook, I really wanted to have not just a quality oil, but absolutely raw. Having studied the market in Russia and Europe and talked with large and small oil producers, I came to the conclusion that even the best, freshly squeezed oil can no longer be considered raw and has no vitamins and enzymes. During the classic cold pressing on metal presses, the oil heats up more than 100 degrees from high pressure and friction against the metal. And this means that all its valuable substances were killed before it got into the bottle. In addition, the oil after pressing passes several types of cleaning, where it is mercilessly and endlessly tortured and poured. The last remaining valuable substances are destroyed by oxidation on contact with metal and air. Many substances (for example, all Omega) become carcinogens at the same time. And after that, the oil is pasteurized.

Live Oil - really alive fresh gepressed oil

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