5 reasons to buy Live Swiss Oil

Oak Press for Live Swiss Oil from nuts and seeds

1. Using 2-3 tablespoons of Live Swiss Oil per day in the diet in with salads, cereals, in oil therapy, a quarter reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, diabetes, metabolic disorders. (According to the research of scientists from Cambridge and Harvard universities)

2. Cold-pressed Live Swiss Oil from raw nuts and seeds does not undergo any heating and pasteurization that preserves all nutritious and valuable substances that completely break down when heated above 40 ° C. (Pasteurization of oils, even the highest quality, is an indispensable stage in any industrial production).

3. The technology of manual extraction of Live Swiss Oil on an oak press directly into bottles made of dark glass excludes the process of oxidation from contact with metal and air, which along with the absence of heating and pasteurization contributes to the complete preservation of all natural nutritious and valuable substances.

4. Live Swiss Oil are suitable for feeding children of any age. These oils also have perfectly proven themselves as a cosmetic and hygienic means for children, especially apricot kernel oil, macadamia, almond oil [1].

5. Using blends of Live Swiss Oil in its pure form, as base oils in cosmetics, or adding them to your favorite cosmetics, you enrich and improve the result of their action.

[1] Before using oils in baby food and cosmetics, be sure to check with your doctor and check the child's allergic reactions.

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